Consult Mangal Bhawan For All Your Hawan And Pooja Samagri Needs At The Weddings

Take vows while the vedic pandits/purohits from Mangal Bhawan chant mantras and pronounce you as husband and wife on the D-day.

Author: Nikita-wadi | Updated: February 13, 2019 5:20 IST

Mangal Bhawan


The leading stop for all wedding rituals needs, Mangal Bhawan was founded by Amit Jain, ex Airtel employee with an idea to provide vedic pandits/purohits for any pooja or hawan and authentic pooja samagri for all rituals along with consultation from Pandits for shubh muhurat and vastu through online booking.


Mangal Bhawan


Mangal Bhawan is a one-of-its-kind venture started to arrange for you all the things you would require while taking vows at the d-day. Apart from this, the leading creative venture has also started providing consultation for manglik doshas. The vedic and learned purohits charge minimal fees to suggest the remedy to numerous doshas.


Mangal Bhawan


Why is Mangal Bhawan a one-of-its-kind venture?

• Fixed Prices - Priests cannot throw out random figures based on their perception of the wealth of the individual requiring services, as typically happens. Mangal Bhawan ensures the authenticity of the Panditsthat they provide.

• Clients from all around the globe can schedule and participate in rituals customized for them as per the requirements, in India, through Skype, Facetime or in person.

• Mangal Bhawan does it all for you – arranging the pooja samagri needed for the ceremony and informing the clients beforehand about the muhurat – and other arrangements, if any. They are always ready with the arrangements that are to be provided before the ceremony.

• Strict Price Policy- There is a strict policy at Mangal Bhawan that no extra money will be collected for the service or the samagri by Panditji after the ceremony. This whole incident gave Amit more clarity about his work at Mangal Bhawan and how he can make a difference in the society through his brand.


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