Explore The Diverse Routes Of Telling Your Story with One Frame Story

One Frame Story is the ace photography company with long-standing credibility in the wedding industry.

Author: Akhilesh | Updated: March 28, 2019 9:36 IST
One Frame Story is a Delhi based Photography company. They believe “A photograph starts long before the shutter is pressed and once the shutter is clicked, a story is formed to be told in just that one frame.”One Frame Story Their core philosophy is to continue to tell stories, one frame at a time, through photography. The vision of the company is to create photographs, which are more than just images. Photography is an Art for them, and every click is an expression of the artist behind the lens.One Frame Story The company has been into business for the past seven-plus years, having much satisfied and happy clientele. Every job they do, they strive to create life long memories for those with whom they get the opportunity to work with. For them, what makes every experience "memorable" and satisfying, is the amazing smiles (and call-backs for other jobs) from their clients, on seeing the final pictures and videos. As for the "best work".....that is yet to come. They prefer to peg themselves at 2nd best because then they can always get better at what they do!!One Frame StoryThe expertise of still photography and cinematography also added, “It has been an honour for the company to be part of each and every client’s, special event, product shoot, performance, portfolio etc and for them, every client is a celebrity.” Their perspectives are what help One Frame Stories gather awesome insights and remain inspired for the future. They are specialized in Portfolio shoot, Wedding shoot, Performances and Events, Food and Product and their packages start from INR 75,000.
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