Personalize Your Wedding Invites Using These 9 Coolest Trends

These are some cool ideas you can use to personalize your wedding invitation card. Dig into the blog to know more

Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: December 27, 2015 12:49 IST

An invitation card is the first impression someone will form of your wedding. There are so many styles available in the market, but when you are planning an extraordinary wedding, how can your wedding card be ordinary?
Put some thought into wedding cards and personalize them so that they are exclusive just for your wedding. These are some cool ideas you can use to personalize your wedding invitation card. 


1. Newspaper

Transform your wedding card into a newspaper. Add all the details of all the events in forms of news stories. You can also add your pictures, little gossips and ‘your stories’. Use vintage-style newspapers to give them a classy look.



2. Scrolls 

We have all seen those history shows where royalty conveys messages using scrolls. Use similar scrolls to send your invitation to the guests. You can put these scrolls in a box with guest favors with a quirky twist. 



3. Design a monogram

Design your personal monogram using your and your better half's initial letters. This monogram is perfect not only for your wedding card but also for other decorations at your wedding location. 


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4. Social media timeline

Present the list of your events on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It can be online as well as in the physical form. You can be creative and have your own hashtags. 



5. Time to be the protagonist in your own story book

Make your own story/comic book. Narrate your story and add the details of the function in the end.


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6. Hand-written invitations

Write the invitations yourself or ask one of your family members to do the same. This will definitely add a personal touch to your card and take you back to the letter era. If you think that writing so many invitations is a little impractical, write one card and find a vendor who can create copies of the same. 


7. Theme it Bollywood

Take your favorite movie and add your caricatures to its thumbnail or poster. Be the actors in the story and live your Bollywood fairytale.

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8. A passport for your guests 

Make a passport for your guests. Add stamps for all the functions and events. For a destination wedding, these passports will also be great souvenirs for your guests. You can similarly use a boarding pass template. 



9. Make your invitation card PUNtastic

Everyone loves a great pun. Use your witty mind. For example, use a matchbox to show the world that you and your partner are a perfect ‘match’. 

Personalizing will only add to all that grandeur. Go ahead and customize your wedding card!

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