Getting Married In Delhi Smog? Take Inspiration From This Couple's Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pertaining to the Delhi smog, a wedding photographer did a couple shoot and results are quite alarming. Scroll down to see the pictures.

Author: Alice | Updated: November 16, 2017 7:55 IST

From savouring on the hot cup of chai to the butterlicious parathas, winters are a delight in Delhi. Even layers and layers of clothes are not enough to keep the body warm in winters. Those chai ki chuskis , those heavenly bonfires are all a thing of past it seems, given the Delhi Smog.


With the wedding season arriving, people have already started booking venues. Delhi is also a favourite for their pre-wedding shoot.


Beautiful serene mornings of Delhi, the georgian pillars of Connaught Place are the perfect destination for a pre-wedding shoot. But given the Delhi smog, shooting in Delhi these days seems a distant dream.


While all of us were sitting and cribbing about this danger, a wedding photographer went ahead and took a step further in all his knowledge.


Ashish Pareek, of Banjara Studios came up with the idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot with the pollution masks on the faces.


Talking about this innovative idea Ashish says:

While the entire Delhi and the Country were talking about 'SMOG', while chit chatting with my better half regarding a photo shoot where one of my client was insisting for opting locations in Delhi but the issue was health and haze free background. Thereafter the idea of capturing the issue came up and we decided to go about it with a friend couple of ours.”




Sharing the idea of such a shoot, Ashish convinced his two married friends to help him through this.

On being quizzed about the challenges he faced during the shoot Ashish said:

The major challenge I faced is smog & high level pollution in which it was difficult to breathe normally. Our eyes were burning at the time of shoot. We had to stay in smog for 2 hours because the idea was clear that we wanted to capture smog in our shoot.”



This pre-wedding shoot is alarming and actually heart-wrenching. Probably this is how all of us want our future to be.


Talking about the reality of this photoshoot, Ashish says,

Usually I do pre wedding or couple shoot  a lot at these locations and these locations are the main locations of Delhi. I did the reiki one day before the shoot and I shortlisted the locations on the basis of popularity, smog and convenience.”


The ball is in our court, whether or not we want to put on the masquerade while we walk down the aisle.

Here are more pictures from this shoot:



Disclaimer : All pictures are exclusively owned by Banjara Studios Photography 

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