Exclusive: Throwback To Suresh Balaje’s Daughter’s Filmy Wedding.

Look what we got a hold of. Exclusive fun filled pictures from the wedding of famous South Indian Film producer Suresh Balaje’s daughter’s wedding. Scroll down to take a look -

Author: Ayesha Agarwal | Updated: February 16, 2018 9:52 IST

We are absolutely in love with the amazing pictures of Sitara and Aditya’s wedding. A major throwback to one hell of a wedding where the entire celebration was filled with quirky props, music, dance and smiling faces.



The daughter of Indian film producer Suresh Balaje and grand-daughter of veteran actor K Balaji, Sitara got married in a grand ceremony in August 2016. Sitara and Aditya’s wedding was full of filmy flavours and was star-studded with several celebrities of the South Indian film industry in attendance. The wedding was a major event in the city of Chennai and attracted the attention of the entire country. We bring to you some exclusive pictures of the lovely couple and the wedding ceremony.



The wedding pictures were beautifully captured by photographer Anand Daga and his amazing team ‘DhuumDhaam’. They captured every emotion and every special moment of the wedding and were much appreciated by the couple and their families. Highlight of the wedding came in the form of a montage video shot by DhuumDhaam. You can look at the video below: -



The wedding took place by following traditional rituals with the couple and all wedding guests dressed in traditional attires. The filmy wedding had a non-stop 6-hour sangeet session with over 20 well-choreographed performances by the family and friends. Extremely evident in the pictures below, the four-day wedding affair was filled with fun, frolic and laughter.



DhuumDhaam as a company was developed in true filmy style. It was an idea conceived over a chai & pakoda session between two friends. One has over 15 years of experience & expertise in the field of television & film production, while the other one is a wedding planner who loves everything weddings.



With their services covering every aspect of wedding photography, they’ve provided memories that their clients would relive forever. With a ten-member troop, Anand Daga’s team, DhuumDhaam made sure that none of the moments in the wedding was missed. Along with this, the post-wedding shoot for Sitara and Aditya was done in Singapore.



Wedding looks prettier when captured beautifully. These pictures from Sitara and Aditya’s wedding are a big proof.



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