These Wedding Photographers In India Are Making Memorable Albums

People are now listing their taste in different photography styles, especially when it’s their wedding day.

Author: Harini | Updated: April 28, 2016 9:45 IST

Before the era of carefully fashioned photos on Instagram and other social media websites boomed, the urge to capture and frame every memorable event via lens had already been on top of the list for aesthetically pleasing purposes. Now, it’s widely experimented and played with. All being said and done, it is only understood that the lens does justice to every moment. People are now listing their taste in different photography styles, especially when it’s their wedding day.
We have bookmarked some of the best wedding photographers in India to make your day look like a million bucks.

1. 84mm, Chennai 

Chennai based, Sreedhar and Harish's work reflects vibrant variance. Their artistic outcome is a result of friendly client relations that doesn’t only help him capture emotions but also brings out a new flavour with each snapshot. For them, a wedding is a family affair and so promises to deliver a family photo-story of a grand event. Their signature style covers rituals and traditions.

View 84mm details and portfolio here


2. Minchu Studio, Bangalore 

This Bangalore-based couple duo like to call themselves storytellers. With their exquisite wedding photography, more than candid they believe in bottling the essence of the couple’s happiest day. Get comfortable and let them narrate your story for you in pictures.

View Minchu Studio details and portfolio here.

3. Rohan Mishra Photography, Chennai 

Another couple duo from Chennai, Rohan and Puja are Nikon wedding photography award winner. They share forte in a no-filter, natural wedding album with a story behind every picture. With a narrative designed beforehand, they deliver an effortless timeline coming straight out of the camera. 

View Rohan Mishra photography details and portfolio here.



4. Our Wedding Chapter, Delhi NCR 

Just like their chemistry with the camera, Our Wedding Chapter shares an immense connection with the wedding couple as well. Located in Noida, this team of photographers focuses on two distinct types of picture concept, traditional and individuality. 

View Our Wedding Chapter details and portfolio here.


5. Abhishek Sarkar photography, Hyderabad 

Since weddings are about emotions galore, here the clicks mostly aim for humour. This is where the lens zooms in on the wedding to capture its essence in every possible way. From pre-wedding photo shoot till bidai,  their forte lies in couple portraits. 


View Abhishek Sarkar details and portfolio here.

6. Khachakk Studios, Rajasthan 

This team hailing from the city of colours and traditional paraphernalia proudly call themselves ‘’moment stealers’’. Before anyone’s eye meets the aperture, the scene has already been beautifully framed. With a good amount of time spent on creating your dream wedding album, Khachakk promises to bring such moments to life.

View Khachakk studios details and portfolio here.



7. Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia, Mumbai 

When positive energy is sautéed in flying emotions, a new style of story is formed. A recipient of the national award in photography by the Lalit Kala Akademi at their 56th national exhibition of art in February 2015, Mithilesh Choubey is a Mumbai based photographer nurturing his work around perfection. His attempt is to capture the essence of the wedding.

View Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia details and portfolio here.


8. Anupa Shah Photography, Mumbai 

Fun and vivacious in her approach, Anupa weaves magic with her composition and perspective. With her, the ball is definitely in the couple’s court. Get in your best mood to get the best clicks from her. 

View Anupa Shah Photography details and portfolio here.

9. Karan Sidhu Photography, Delhi NCR 

With nothing pre-planned, this man is all about the element of surprises. His on the spot ideation and spontaneity is what sets him apart from all the other photographers. Even though he keeps his warm-up shots reserved for the bride’s trousseau and dressing, Karan’s style reeks of quintessential photojournalism with a twist.

View Karan Sidhu Photography details and portfolio here.

10. Confetti Films, Mumbai  

‘Memories you could live again and again.’ Confetti films have created a benchmark for producing unique themes every time. Every celebration and every couple hold utmost importance, and so it compels the lens to shift various angles and get the best capture. 

View Confetti Films details and portfolio here.



11. Click my dreams, Delhi NCR  

While maintaining a candid and quick style of photography, Click my dreams have experience in covering different customs and rituals. Their knowledge over the years has helped them built a trustworthy brand name and they will never fail to surprise you. 

View Click my dreams details and portfolio here.

12. Jodi Clickers, Mumbai  

Mumbaikars Rajdeep and Abhishek started Jodi Clickers five years ago and since then they have transformed the concept of wedding photography. Impromptu in its nature, weddings give them a new narrative every time. A new story from a different perspective and a documentation of someone’s special moments. 

View Jodi Clickers details and portfolio here.

13. Click Sutra, Delhi NCR 

An interesting amalgamation of all styles, Click sutra are very dramatic in their approach. From bride’s timeless shots to the wedding décor, off-the-guard and unstructured photography is a style they swear by.

View Click sutra details and portfolio here

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