How To Rock As A Bridesmaid At Your Friend's Wedding

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Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: September 22, 2018 1:54 IST

Unlike men who go that extra mile to rigorously plan their notorious bachelor party and wedding night, brides-to-be have sufficient indulging tasks to keep them occupied and ignore the fun they should be having before entering the wedlock. In the time of chaos, best friends lend a hand and become bridesmaids, both on and off the scenes. They’d promise to go all poetic on the bride, even when it’s about their messed up hairdo or a burning bikini wax – yes, now this is a classic best friend trait.




We did our homework and created a DIY cheat sheet for being the best bridesmaid and rock the wedding of your best friend. 


1. Assist her with all the wedding essentials like going with her for lingerie shopping and dress fitting sessions. Remember it is your duty to make the bride feel more beautiful than ever.


2. Accompany her to the salon and get her look for every function sorted.


3. Take an epic all girls trip before getting married.


4. Plan a killer bachelorette party. 
Note: One of you should be a snitch and find out what the groom’s friends are planning for his bachelor party. Yours should be better. Get to work girls!


5. Plan a grand entry for your girl at the wedding.


6. Make her feel lucky and gorgeous.


7. Don’t forget to click timeless photos.


8. Make sure you carry all the nerve-calming essentials like a touch-up kit, safety pins, etcetera.


9. Prepare a fun dance performance and a heart-warming speech.


10. Help her pack for her honeymoon.


Let’s get one thing straight - bridesmaids are the quirk of the wedding and will take the bride seamlessly into her newest adventure with a lot of firsts. Do you agree?



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