9 Things You Should Do With Your Best Friend Before She Gets Married

Wedding season becomes even more special when it is your best friend who is getting married. But before she gets all tangled up in her married life, here is a bucket list for both of you to make the most of this time together.

Author: Diksha Rawat | Updated: October 31, 2018 11:20 IST

Wedding season is already here and you are all set to rock at your best friend's wedding. Oh! But there is still so much left to do before she gets married to her one and only. You already know things will change after this event, priorities will get altered and she will get busy in the hustle of her new life. So, it is the right time to make it all memorable for her and do everything you both planned together but never did.


Here are few things you must do with your bestie before she gets married:


1) Walk Down Memory Lane :

Visit every place, be it your school from where you started together or the same institute where your best friend had her life’s first crush, the terrace where you both spent hours discussing life theories and cried like babies after every heartbreak, or your college canteen where you both have spent hours staring and judging people together. Go through all those old pictures of yourselves when you both had the best time of your lives; re-visit it all and make it all count.




2) Go Clubbing :

Well, this is something we bet you’ll never regret. Dance it all out and bring each and every move you know to the dance floor. Let the world know, how you both can bring life to a party.




3) Go On An Unplanned Adventure: 

Go out of town, out of state or out of the country together and explore every nook and corner of that place. Do everything on your checklist and make it big because life is never going to be the same again.




4) Go On A Shopping Spree:

So, before your BFF gets married, go on a shopping spree with her and buy every luxury product that you both wanted years back when you both were broke and had no money. But now you are both adults and have enough to buy it all on this happy occasion. Go and get it all.





5) Explore Dating Applications:

 Well, Why not? Be cheeky and do it now. After some days your best friend will get hitched and committed for a lifetime and we doubt if this will be left as an option. Make her do this for the last time and see how much she is going to enjoy it.




6) Pick Up Some Colourful Lingerie:

You must do it. Buy her the naughtiest lingerie. A little fun and laughter while purchasing it will only add on to more crazy ideas for making your BFF’s first night after marriage, perfect.




7) Plan a Bachelorette Party: 

Organise a party and ask your entire gang to show up. Party like never before, do every insane thing you wouldn't do with the men in your lives. 




8) Work on your 'home-maker' skills:

Cook, clean and learn how to prepare exotic cuisines. Learning to make new things whilst watching romantic comedies in your pyjamas will be so much fun. Your friend would love the prep-up session before she becomes the lady of her new house. Also, we all love such easy, lazy yet productive days. Don’t we?




9) Make a scrapbook album of you two to gift her:

You clearly know things are going to change really soon. However, you also know how much you love her and will miss her. You can’t bring the time back but you can always capture the beautiful moments in pictures. Make an album and write little notes with every picture to make her feel nostalgic and to see the biggest smile on her face.



Do it all before she gets married. Make sure you tick off everything on this bucket list.



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