8 Funny Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Getting Married

Having crazy funny thoughts before your wedding is absolutely normal. Scroll down to read the funniest thoughts a bride has before getting married.

Author: Alice | Updated: September 15, 2018 1:32 IST

We might not admit, but every girl has once in her life visualised a rough sketch of her 'perfect wedding'. But once the date of your wedding is fixed, there are numerous thoughts that go through your mind. While some are scary and genuine worries, most of them are crazy. So, if you are a bride-to-be and are having ridiculously funny thoughts all the time, do not worry, you are not alone.


Here are 8 crazy thoughts every bride has before her wedding day finally arrives.


1) Is This For Real?

This happens within the first few days after the date is fixed. You’re so overwhelmed that it all seems unreal. The funny part is, this might actually drive you crazy enough to pinch yourself really hard and double check if it’s all really happening.




2) What Should I Call Him?

Now that the two of you are officially a couple, there arrives a need for a pet name. Your usual thoughts will be “Should I call him hubby, baby, or darling?” So, without worrying about being judged, select a name that you and your partner like. 




3) Wait, Does That Mean I am No More Single?

It’s strange why this question even comes up, but it’s also amazing how common this thought is. You will finally be a committed person for the rest of your life. Isn't that a great feeling? 




4) Do I Look Weird?

Another strange pre-wedding concern brides tend to have is about their looks and appearance. You also start spending more and more time in front of the mirror! Extra packs of that facial kit are all that you need. 




5) What If I Fall Off The Stage

Well, what if you don't? With that heavy lehenga and jewellery, you have to be careful, but you cannot fall for sure. Plus your hero, your husband-to-be, will be right there to catch you if you do fall, right?




6) What If I Don't Fit In My Lehenga?

Fitting into her wedding lehenga is probably the biggest stress in a bride’s life. From the moment you pick out your wedding lehenga, until the time you actually wear it on D-day, you’ll be wondering “I really hope that blouse fits me properly. What if that lehenga is too long…I hope I don’t trip. What if it rips off when I sit. What if I gain weight?





7) How Would I Pee In That Huge Skirt?

Every bride’s biggest nightmare on her big day is how to pee wearing that heavy lehenga. Make sure your bridesmaid is with you to rescue you from any mishappening. 




8) How Much Should I Cry On My Vidaai?

We Indian girls have grown up watching Bollywood movies where every wedding is followed by a sad and dramatic vidaai ceremony where the bride’s emotions suddenly spin a full 360 degrees and she instantly goes from happy and cheery to a bawling fountain of tears. So, it’s only natural that the question would cross your mind.




So, you’re not in this alone. There are other brides out there with these bizarre thoughts too! So stop panicking already! Take a deep breath and put those crazy thoughts aside. Everything’s going to be just fine!




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