7 Types Of Relatives We Meet At Indian Weddings

Indian weddings have everything that screams diversity. But the diversity is not only in culture but also when it comes to relatives we meet at every wedding function. Here are types of relatives you will come across at almost every Indian wedding.

Author: Alice | Updated: December 8, 2017 11:39 IST

Indian weddings are all about food, dresses and the relatives. Love them or hate them, the 'rishtedars' in the Indian Weddings play a crucial part. No matter how annoying they are, relatives at Indian weddings are hilariously entertaining. 

Since the wedding season is going on, we thought of guarding you by listing down these 7 types of relatives in every Indian wedding ever. 


1) The Fussy Aunt

This aunty comes with her own set of never-ending ‘nakhras’. She wants her food to be hot and not too spicy, she wants mineral water and what not.




2) The Judgemental Aunt

 The judgemental aunt will judge you on everything and anything you do. She will give you those colds looks accross the hall when she sees you chilling with boys at the wedding. So irritating.




3) The Naagin Dance Uncle

After drinking an entire bucket of alcohol, a certain 'naagin' enters his body, after which he drinks and dances and drools over everyone around.




4) The Cupid Bua Ji

This distant bua-ji’s only agenda, throughout the wedding, is to get all the children of the family married. She is attending the wedding only to get at least one rishta fixed.




5) The Freeloaders

The freeloaders can be seen everywhere hogging butter chicken and biryani. You can also call them the wedding 'crashers' who are neither from the groom side nor the bride side but from the food side.




6) The Cool Cousin

You have always adored him/her since your childhood days. He/She is the hero, an inspiration and an idol for you. Your eyes are always filled with sparkle.




7) The Selfie Obsessed Cousin

With the front camera always open, this cousin can be seen clicking and making Snapchat stories in a corner. One good snap and the purpose of being all dressed up is successful.




Amidst all the confusion, stress and excitement, a little entertainment never hurt anyone. Why watch a Bollywood movie, when you can find all the characters at an Indian wedding? Let us know how many you meet this wedding season.


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