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Are you looking for a wedding invitation that will make your guests instantly RSVP ‘yes’? Well, your search ends here.

Author: Neha Grover | Updated: August 18, 2018 5:40 IST

A marriage symbolises the union of not just the bride and the groom but also the people attached to them. To mark this coming together of so many lives and building new relationships, the concept of gifting during a wedding came into being.


Leveling up the art of wedding gifting, Udyan Tea offers the finest of teas that will let you make that perfect first impression. One look at their collection and you will be spoilt for choice. 



Udyan Tea was incepted in 2012 when Parvez & Punit realised there was a severe lack of good quality tea during their travels to various parts of the country. Being natives of Siliguri (Darjeeling district), a great cup of tea has always been a given for them. But most of this good quality produce is mostly exported to foreign markets where people appreciate these types of tea much better than we do, leaving virtually nothing for our own people.


This led to Parvez and Punit wonder – ‘if none of the existing companies are doing anything about bringing the finer, fresher teas to the masses, then what can WE do about it?’ Thus was born Udyan Tea out of a strange concoction of frustration and deep passion. Udyan Tea is the pioneer in bringing the finest of teas from the estates of Siliguri straight to your cup. ‘Udyan’ means Garden and that’s what it represents – ‘from the gardens’. 



Wedding invitations and gift hampers packed with a host of handpicked tea flavours using Champagne Gold tea caddies and glass jars are sure to leave your guests in awe. Their In-house signature tea blends crafted using natural ingredients including herbs, spices and flowers will whet the appetite of all lovers. Udyan Tea offers more than 100 tea variants and multiple design options that are the perfect amalgamation of creativity and sensibilities. 



That’s not all! Udyan Tea is the only consultancy organization in the country where they not only serve the best teas to consumers but also help other brands with their portfolios and cafes with their menus. With a strong foothold in the industry, Udyan Tea has earned a great clientele over the years. Trust them to curate some exceptional invitation and gifting creation that you’ll be proud to send out. 





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