Why Every Indian Wedding Needs A Professional Wedding Planner

More and more couples tying the knot are hiring wedding planners to plan and manage their wedding. Why is this concept gaining heat in today's times? Read on to find out.

Author: Neha Grover | Updated: November 26, 2018 11:42 IST

Almost every Indian wedding is a week-long saga of endless dancing, continuous ceremonies, delectable delicacies, and rituals carried down over the years. Where the fun with friends and family knows no bounds, the large-scale arrangements at the same time can be quite baffling. 


A throwback to those times when your cousins would take care of the decor and the uncles would arrange for the caterer, tells us how wedding events would sometimes turn out to be disastrous. The generator would develop some snag or the dhol wala would not turn up. There would be something or the other which would go horribly wrong.


But the present generation couples, having a knack for perfection, do not want to ruin such a special occasion of their lives. That's why they let professional wedding planners step in and take over all the proceedings. Taking all the burden off your shoulders, these planners who are skilled and well-equipped, arrange and manage everything to make your wedding a seamless, memorable affair. 


So, if you thought that a wedding planner is a luxury only the affluents can afford, Bandbaajaa.com brings to you 10 reasons which justify why every Indian wedding should be planned by a professional.  


For the Never-Ending Ceremonies

Sangeet, mehendi, cocktail, haldi and more such ceremonies are a mandate for every Indian wedding. Where organising each event can be quite stressful for the bride and the groom and their families, it is a cakewalk for wedding planners. 



For the Gigantic Guest List

If Sharma uncle made it to the list, why leave behind Gupta uncle? Since a wedding is all about pomp and show, each guest needs to be catered to in the best way possible. 



For the Diverse Cuisines

Chinese for the kids, Punjabi for the elders, gluten-free for the diet conscious and everything for the gluttons; an Indian wedding is a mixed bag of taste buds and catering to all, can be quite a task.



For the Never Adhered-To Budget

An Indian wedding is very well capable of digging holes in one's pocket and if you aren't the one who usually keeps a track on their spending, hire someone to do it for you. 


For The Destination Weddings To Be Enjoyed

A royal palace or a serene beach, it's next to impossible to plan a destination wedding without a reliable wedding planner. From the bookings to guests accommodation to decor, they will take care of all your wedlock arrangements for you and you can simply enjoy your wedding. 



For a Star-Studded Event 

Want your wedding to be a blockbuster hit? You can rely on these planners to turn your dream into a reality. 



For That Quirk Factor 

Weddings are no more only about the customary practices. Customisation in the form of alluring pre-wedding shoots, quirky photo booths and out-of-the-box invitations makes a wedding exclusive and to give wings to that exclusivity, wedding planners lend in their expertise. 



For You to Have the Time Of Your life

Wedding checklists can be pages-long and are capable enough to keep you occupied till the last minute. While your guests have a gala time, cut yourself some slack and hire a wedding planner so that you can make some wonderful memories of your own. 



Whether you are getting married in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru or any other city in India, there will be a wedding planner to help you host the wedding of your dreams. Go ahead, hire a professional who knows how to manage and make the most special day of your life memorable. 

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