7 Wedding Vows Of 21st Century For A Successful Marriage

According to Hindu rituals the 7 wedding vows are the seven promises the bride and groom make to each other. Here we are decoding them for you in a simpler and nuanced form. Read on.

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The 7 wedding vows or saat pheras are believed to be the strongest foundation for a couple when they get married. These vows are equivalent to the promises that the bride and groom make to each other taking rounds around the sacred fire seven times. The definition of each vow in the pious Hindu culture is said to be very profound. Each wedding vow is in itself an epitome of love and respect of a lifetime.


But with changing times, the definition has changed. The modern day bride and groom promise each other the same love and respect, but in more nuanced and sparse form. The first four pheras are lead by the bride, while for the rest three the groom takes the lead. 


So while we are still talking about things to keep in mind before your wedding, let us take a detour of one more important factor, 'The 7 Modern Wedding Vows':


1) Respect Each Other’s Space

Providing each other the required amount of personal space is the first thing to promise. It is very important for a healthy and a hearty relationship in this modern world to have your own personal time. Respecting diversity in your relationship will assure a happy bonding for the rest of your life.



2) Share Your Responsibilities

You are the man and wife, henceforth your responsibilities should not be gender based. It is important that you both take turns to manage all the household chores. Taking care of the expenses and eventually the responsibility of the kids should be equally taken care of by both of you. Freeing each other with a sense of sharing will make your marriage a delightful journey.



3) Spend Quality Time With Each Other To Keep The Spark Alive

With the fast pace of our lives, it is not possible to spend quality time with your signaficant other. One needs to ensure an exclusive couple time. Make sure you are away from your electronic buddies and spend some time that is exclusively for the two of you. At least once every week, go out for a dinner date, an evening,morning walk or go for a long drive.



4) Make Meaningful Promises To Each Other

You are a couple, a team but at the same time, you are still individuals. Your journeys run parallel. They need not be necessarily same. Promise to treat each other’s ambitions equally. One should respect the other’s passion with due respect.



5) Be Each Other’s Best Friends

There is no better relationship than of a best friend. Try to be each other’s best friend. This is based on trust, compassion, selflessness and love. Trust your better half. Never try to dig into their personal accounts as the foundation of a relationship is trust. This can eventually harm your relationship.



6) Do Not Be Secretive

Your relationship is based on mutual trust. So promise not to be secretive and hide things from your significant other. As we said before you are a team. Openness in your relationship is a sure shot phenomena to bring happiness.



7) Treat Each Others Parents With More Respect

When in the modern world, both girls and boys are treated equally and our society is gradually moving away from being a gender-based society, then why not treat each other’s parents as your own. Respect and care for them as much as you respect and care for your own parents.



The core of a wedding are the strong wedding vows. You might not understand them when the priest recites, but we hope you understood them now. These wedding vows are the base of every relationship. Instill your faith in these contemporary wedding vows for a perfect marriage. 


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